1. The most effective way to get rid of pigeons is by way of a physical barrier such as bird netting or bird spikes2. Install bird netting to block pigeons. Like humans, pigeons will soon realize that your yard or garden is not a fun place to camp out, and they will leave. If you feel like you want to vent some. To discourage pigeons visiting your yard, change the type, amount, and timing of feeding. If most of the pigeons fail to move elsewhere, you'll need to stop. Keeping pigeons out of your garden · Stop putting food out for birds for a while · Dispose of edible litter carefully - secure your bins so the birds can't access. The sprinkler will keep the pigeons away and keep your garden watered consistently. It utilizes a combination of movement, water, and sound to scare the pigeons.

You could also spike the handrail as this can stop the birds from being able to land which in turn stops them from flying over and making your home their place. Pigeons are prey to large birds of prey like eagles and hawks; therefore, a life-size model in the affected area may help to scare pigeons away from your home. Peppermint repellent spray. A pair moved on to my terrace a few weeks ago and started nesting. I shoooed them off and then found their twigs. Properly store garbage in garbage cans. · Remove bird feeders. · Fence gardens. · Keep lawn free of pet waste. · Avoid throwing out leftovers close to your home. How to get rid of pigeons but not other birds · Ultrasonic devices - the sonic technology sends sound waves that confuse pigeons and make them want to fly away. Some popular and helpful ways include: covering open vents, capping your chimney, and making your garden pigeon-proof. Such actions will block the. To discourage pigeons from roosting on your property, use a bird repellent gel or some anti-roosting spikes. Just put the gel or spikes on any roofs, rafters. Make your garden as inhospitable to pigeons as you can. If you are feeding other wild birds, give them only thistle and black sunflower seeds, as pigeons won't. How do I get rid of pigeons from my neighbours garden and roof? You can suggest to your neighbour a wide variety of different methods that can possibly solve. Hanging reflective items from your trees or around your garden – birds become distracted by reflective items and are unlikely to nest in areas where they're. Tie a rubber snake or plastic snake on your balcony railing or simply place a few of them around the places in your yard they frequent the most. Pigeons are.

Pigeons prefer fruits and seeds, so keep them out of your garden with landscape fabric. However, these birds are scavengers and will eat just about anything. Pigeons despise the scent of mothballs, so scattering them about a roof area can be an excellent method to keep them away. Strong-smelling foods, such as pepper. One standard method is using reflective objects or shiny materials to deter pigeons from nesting on your property. Hanging CDs, aluminium foil, or reflective. So, concentrate instead on removing the food sources mentioned earlier because this will reduce the number of pigeons in your garden. If you can remove their. Falconry, anti-bird spikes, parallel wires, bird netting, bird gels, decoy kites, and lasers are all effective in ridding pigeons from your property. This. Bird netting provides a physical barrier that prevents pigeons from entering – either to roost and nest in the attic or feast in your garden bed. This netting. Similar to an electric fence to keep your dog in your yard, shock track systems train pigeons and other birds to keep off your roof and ledges of your home. Installing a scarecrow in your front or back garden – wherever the pigeons will see this figure – is a similar idea to the bird of prey decoy. It also has a. An inexpensive way to prevent pigeons and other birds from getting into your garden is to install netting. Just make sure to check the nets every day to make.

Popular myth holds that you can get rid of your pigeons by sprinkling cayenne pepper around your yard. As convenient as this might sound, it doesn't really work. Spray them with a hose. This method works only if you catch the pigeons before they build their nests. Scare them away by spraying them with the hose as soon as. By far, one of the best ways to keep a pigeon away is to make him less interested in being there to begin with. Get rid of any standing water, which can be a. Installation of bird abatement devices like these can deter pigeon nesting · Spike strips · Flash tape · Reflective banners whose noise and appearance deter. Although it's not quite the same situation, my grandfather used to hang aluminum pie plates out in the fields to protect his vegetable gardens from the deer. It.

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