Firestone Pondgard: mil (Boxed) EPDM Rubber Pond Liner (10' x 10') You save $! Firestone Pondgard mil EPDM flexible rubber pond liner. year. 45 Mil EPDM Pond Liner-Free Shipping · Fish friendly - Liner is based on EPDM synthetic rubber, a highly flexible stable material that's not only long lasting. Highly flexible and durable, 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liners are fish and plant friendly, puncture resistant, and UV resistant. 10'x10'. Stretches across wrinkles and around pipe penetrations. Use to cover (top-dress) EPDM pond liner seams. Cover Tape Cured EPDM rubber, coated on one side with a. Firestone PondGard 45 mil EPDM Pond Liners are available in almost different standard and roll sizes.

EPDM Pond Liner. $ Add a waterproofing layer to direct moisture into the drain tray below. EPDM pond liner is a self-sealing rubber. Line the sides to. The underlayment is puncture-resistant and adds another layer of strong protection between the pond liner and sharp rocks, probing roots, and the gnawing teeth. EPDM Rubber Liner · $ Add to cart. Quickview. PL Boxed 10′ X 10′ – 45 mil Firestone EPDM Pond Liner · $ Add to cart. Liners · PLR 35′ X 50′ mil Firestone EPDM Pond Liner · PLR 40′ X 50′ – 45 mil Firestone EPDM Pond Liner · PLR 50′ X 50′ – 45 mil Firestone Epdm. We offer the industry standard, fish-safe, 45 mil EPDM rubber liner as well as 6” seam tape and primer. Our liners are available in widths of 5', 10', 15'. Garden Pond Liner for Sale at The Pond Guy. Rip resistant 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Fish Pond Liners are perfect for installing a natural koi pond look. Aquascape 45 mil EPDM Pond Liner is the ideal membrane for retaining water in ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, and other water features. Aquascape liner leads. When selecting a pond liner, there is no doubt the EPDM pond liners are the best option on the market. For this reason, we carry Firestone PondGard EPDM. Eternabond Premium Pond Liner SealantFeaturing advanced Microsealant technology, EternaBond Single Sided Repair Tape is sticky on one side, and once. Pond liner from Firestone is long lasting and fish safe. We carry the full line of Firestone 45 mil EPDM liner & our pond techs are ready to help you size. Water Gardening and Family Fishing - We offer affordable pond supplies including pond filters, water gardening pumps, skimmers, waterfalls, pond liner.

An Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM pond liner is another popular choice among pond builders. Although EPDM pond liners can't be welded like butyl. About this item · EPDM rubber pre cut and boxed pond liner · Flexible for creative designs · Environmentally friendly; fish friendly · Easy maintenance; lasting. Insist on the Best, Insist on Firestone 45 mil EPDM Pond Liner! This Pond Liner is formulated for water garden application and is consistently produced to. 10' x 15' 45 mil EPDM Pond Liner for koi ponds, streams and water features. This heavy-duty and extremely durable pond liner is ideal for small-sized ponds up to 6 ft. x 9 ft. This professional-grade pond liner is UV and weather. Pond Shield Epoxy Liquid Pond LinerPond Shield Epoxy Liquid Pond Liner is a fish-safe liner alternative designed for the pond and water feature. The Firestone 45 Mil EPDM Pond Liner can withstand extreme temperature levels, remaining pliable and flexible at +°F to °F. Purchase yours today! 45 mil EPDM Liner Roll. Aquascape 45 mil EPDM Liner is the ideal membrane for retaining water in ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, and other water features. Anjon Manufacturing 45 mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond liner · Adapts readily to a wide variety of pond applications, skimmers, and waterfalls · Remains flexible and.

Pond Liners for garden ponds. Do it yourself pond kits and supplies. Firestone PondGard Pond Liners are designed for use in decorative ponds and water features, withstanding harsh weather conditions such as frost, snow and. A flexible rubber pond liner can create a pond of nearly any size, shape, and depth. The size pond each liner can make will depend on the depth. For example. Sort · 20 ft. x 20 ft. Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner - LG20X · 07 ft. x 40 ft. Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner - LG07X · 20 ft. x 30 ft. Mil. Key Features · EPDM pond liner has superior weathering resistance · Environmentally friendly EPDM pond liner · Excellent resilience to temperatures from °C.

EPDM liners are the preferred choice for landscapers, nurseries and water garden installers because they are extremely flexible and very puncture resistant. The PondGard membrane is based on ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic rubber, a highly flexible yet stable waterproofing membrane with a proven. Firestone PondGard EPDM Rubber Liners. will not blister, crack or deteriorate in direct sunlight. 5X5 45 MIL EPDM. New in ! Introducing the newest addition to the PIK pond liner product lineup - our 45 mil EPDM flexible liner. Not only is PIK EPDM malleable enough to. AquaScape Roll Liner. Aquascape 45 mil EPDM Liner is the ideal choice for retaining water in ponds and other water features. Backed by an industry-leading

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