You can contact LES (Licensing Executive Society). LES is one of the large international organizations whose members are licensing agents. Another way to. A License is an agreement for someone to use your invention under agreed terms and conditions. What are actually licensed are the intellectual property. Please Note: We are a law firm. As such we can assist our clients with the legal aspects of protecting their invention. WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY. In addition, Chambers of Commerce, banks and local industrial development organizations may be able to help you locate manufacturers and individuals interested. I've worked on a number of licensing deals on behalf of individual inventors and have contacted quite a few companies on behalf of the inventors as part of the.

23% making more money than they spent on InventHelp services. From to , % of InventHelp clients received a licensing deal, with only% making. Companies have reported that they have never licensed anything from their invention submission portals, but have successfully licensed products that were. Submit your invention for possible licensing deal and Brutally Honest Review from investors. Find sources for patents, prototypes and manufacturing. We are here to assist inventors, companies and organizations who want to license or sell their idea, invention or product. I will supply you with expert product. For entrepreneurial inventors that have business skills in addition to their inventing skills, the risks and financial rewards associated with licensing their. We offer licenses which grant companies rights to patents in diverse technical categories acquired from a variety of sources; from independent inventors. Licensing is when a company pays you ongoing royalties in exchange for permission to make, use or sell your invention. Typically, the company will pay all costs. How many of these made more money through licensing obtained by the company than they spent in having the invention marketed by them? How many inventions were. 40 Invention Companies That Buy Ideas: Say Goodbye to Your Job. July 9, by Marjolein Dilven · Share on X (Twitter) Share on Facebook Share on. A patent licensing agent represents an inventor's product. He or she searches for companies who will license the invention in exchange for royalty payments. The. Licensing or assigning your invention is often preferable for inventors who want to make money, but care primarily about innovating and spending time in the.

I am celebrating my new company name — BrandAlive — by giving away a FREE page guide, Brand Licensing Becker Associates - Award-Winning Global Licensing, IP & Brand Management Agency. Leading licensor of toy, game, and media properties. We can help! Inventive Ideas offers licensing agent services for any industry, for selected products only. Also our team is experienced at finding and. If a company is interested in licensing your product they will typically pay you an upfront amount of money on signing of a licensing agreement and then an. When a company is interested in acquiring rights to a new product idea, Intromark goes to work making sure the invention licensing process runs smoothly. We use. If a company is interested in licensing your product they will typically pay you an upfront amount of money on signing of a licensing agreement and then an. Product licensing for inventors and entrepreneurs.​​ inventRight has been helping its members for over two decades. Let our team become your team. Many inventors choose to license their inventions and either sell the idea to another business or individual or receive royalties on the product on an ongoing. Franklin Forge helps you with the patent application process for your new idea. It markets ideas to manufacturers and negotiate licensing deals for suitable.

Marketing: CTL markets the invention. To find companies to license your invention, you can be a valuable resource to CTL in finding industry partners. When you give a company the right to make and sell your invention in return for payment, you are granting a license - you are the licensor the company is the. An alternative, yet still lucrative route is forming a product licensing agreement with a larger company. A popular option for owners of intellectual property . In the intricate invention licensing business, navigating the path from invention to market can be challenging. That's where product licensing companies. invention and your wallet from fraudulent invention promotion companies Once the research is completed, they offer patenting or marketing and licensing.

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